Satsang on the special occasion of Akshaya Thritheeya

By the divine grace of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, Global Organization for Divinity’s North America-wide Akshaya Trithiya Celebrations were held online via Zoom on Friday May 14, 2021 in the presence of Sri Ramanujamji, disciple of Sri Swamiji, from India. The event was attended by over 250 families from across North America.

The program began with Mahamantra Kirtan. Then Akshaya Patra Vana Parva parayanam from Srimad Mahabharatha was done by Sri Narayananji from Boston, MA. Then devotees from G.O.D. Canada in Toronto and Edmonton recited Sri Narayana Kavacham from Srimad Bhagavatam. This was followed by Madhurageetham Prarthana of kirtans on Lakshmi Devi by Smt. Ramya Srinivasan, Bay Area CA, Kum. Samyuktha Sridhar, Jacksonville FL, and Smt. Sandhya Anand, Seattle WA. After this, Godhuli Samaya (dusk) Sri Lakshmi Puja was conducted from Namadwaar Houston, TX with archana to Sri Madhuri Sakhi (Sri Radha Devi) with 108 silver flowers.

This was followed by the chanting of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam simultaneously by nearly 500 devotees from around US/Canada and the world. The parayanam was led in turn by various devotees from cities around the USA, while all the others chanted along with them on the Zoom meeting.

A special prayer talk was then given by Sri Ramanujamji from Chennai, India where he inspired everyone in the path of prayers and specifically urged everyone to pray for three things – the physical health of ourselves and those around us; the mental health of ourselves and those around us; and for us and our families to lead a life of secure abundance. Following Sri Ramuji’s talk, Mahamantra Kirtan was performed by youth from Namadwaar Atlanta, GA. Finally, the event concluded with Harathi from Richmond, Virginia.

The video of this Akshaya Thritheeya special satsang is available at the following link:

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