The Clarion Message – A Poetic Tribute

Read below a gratitude tribute to Sri Ramanujamji for his daily online satsangs during COVID Summer 2020, from one of the participants of the Yuva Bhagavatam group, Samyuktha Sainath Iyer, 16 yrs, Atlanta GA.

The Clarion Message 

When all the world was gripped with confusion and fear,
From across the world, He sent a clarion message, constant and clear
Chant the divine Name and put your faith in His hands
Free yourself from the excess and less beneficial demands

Plans were disrupted, again and again
Frustrations about pravachans that we could not attend
But in all of this chaos, a new possibility emerged
A chance for international satsangs, thrice a day to be heard

From dawn to dusk runs the YouTube Live
Teaching us how to intelligently live our lives
With Bhagavatam, Ramayanam, and utsavams each day
A graceful reminder to not be afraid

Answering questions with eloquent poise
Helping us glimpse the Lord through Guruji’s eyes
Stories of great mahans and 5 minute clips
All together can make such a great difference

As Govindan’s kudumbam, we’re so grateful for you
For giving us connection to our Gurunathar, strong and true
For guiding the way for children to achieve
For teaching us not just to recite, but to believe

Through all the hardships that have come in this interlude
We are motivated to move on, and accept these as gifts with gratitude
So once this is all over, and to ashram we return
We will offer our best selves to God and Guru with all we have learned

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