Gratitude Note from a Yuva Bhagavata

Rudransh Rajaram, a 12th grader from G.O.D. Satsang Dallas, was inspired to conduct a global chess tournament as a fundraiser for G.O.D.
Here, he shares his gratitude to those who have inspired him, not only in conducting this event, but also in his journey of relishing Bhagavata Dharma and connecting with divinity.

Radhe Radhe

Gratitude…. a word that many use, but cannot define. By definition, gratitude means the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. In order to show my gratitude towards Sri Swamiji, Bhagavan and Sri Ramuji, I, with the help of Shared Dreams Inc. (a nonprofit), organized a fundraiser chess tournament with all the proceeds to be donated to G.O.D.

With a turnaround time of a mere week, I was uncertain of the prospects for the tournament – whether or not people would participate. However, from perfecting the flyer, connecting the essential amends to the flyer for a global reach, and ultimately publicizing/ promoting the tournament, by Sri Swamiji’s Grace and with the support of many, especially Sri Ramuji, the tournament was a massive success, boasting over 40 participants and donors contributing to this noble intention.

While I am certainly aware of the fact that this event would not have been a success without the grace of Sri Swamiji and Bhagavan, I would like to share some important triggers which brought this idea to life.

Along with few other yuvas across the world, I am extremely blessed to be part of the daily parayanam (1 chapter a day) of Srimad Bhagavatham since Nov 2020 Swati. In addition, we have been having weekly satsangs with Sri Ramuji since that time. There were many eye-opening discussions from Srimad Bhagavatham in our Yuva Bhagavatham weekly satsangs which provoked our thoughts to see life beyond mundane material things. My humble pranams to Sri Ramuji for spending his valuable time inspiring all of us. I am also extremely grateful to him in particular, as his constant encouragement and support played a huge role in the chess tournament’s success. I am sure this event would be a great inspiration for all Yuva Bhagavathas like me to come up with novel ideas to serve the Master.

I would like to extend my thanks to those who helped spread the word about the tournament through which we were able to get this many participants. Last but definitely not least, my humble and sincere thanks to everyone who participated and donated to this noble cause.

Finally, my sincere prayers to Bhagavan and Sri Swamiji to keep us in this path of Love, and Gratitude, and enhance & relish our devotion towards Divinity, no matter what challenges life throws at us.

Radhe Radhe
Yuva Bhagavatha
G.O.D. Dallas



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