The Magic Wand

“What is your new year resolution?” the teacher asked eight year old Destiny. “I have made a promise to brush my teeth two times every day,” she replied with a beaming smile.

When a new year is being ushered in, millions of people make New Year resolutions just like Destiny. It is a promise to change a behavior or habit. We all know that we can make a promise to become better any day of our life but New Year is special because we can easily trace back when we started; and it’s also auspicious to start a new year with a new promise. Making new year resolutions and keeping them makes you feel good about yourself and gives you self confidence, which in turn inspires you to do positive things in life.

Did you make any resolutions this year? Young people usually make resolutions like “I will clean my messy room everyday” to “I will not be pressured by my peers to smoke”. These are all excellent resolutions!

But here’s an idea! How about something different this year?

What if you make a resolution to do something that will in turn give you everything you want, and more? Like a Magic Wand! Wouldn’t that be wonderful to have?

Ok, here’s the secret! This Magic Wand is Nama (God’s Names), the Mahamantra, which is as follows:

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

God loves it when people chant His Names. And when He is pleased, He’ll give you anything you want.

So Nama will give you everything you want in life. You want to score well in your exams? Nama can make it happen. You want to make lots of friends? Nama can make it happen. You wish your teacher would love your project? Nama can make it happen. Just pray for whatever you want and chant the Mahamantra 11 times. You can see for yourself.

So let’s resolve to chant Nama and get everything we want this year. Make a New Year resolution to chant Nama at least three times everyday. You will see wonderful things happening to you and around you. Just make sure you thank the Lord for all those beautiful changes. And when your wishes come true, don’t forget to let us know (email with your Nama experiences).

Lekshmi Nair, Houston, TX

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