Tukaram feeds an army with Nama

Rama Nama is a mantra derived from “om namo narayana” and “om namah shivaaya”. Many saints have spoken about the power of Rama Nama. Samarta Ramadas is one of those saints who has said Rama Nama a lot and therefore has a great amount of spiritual power. He uses Rama Nama to show others the path to God, as shown in this story.

Shivaji had just returned from a war which he had won. He lay down on the bank of a river to find that the leaves going down the river had kirtans written on them. When he read these

kirtans, he realized the kirtans had been written by a Mahatma. Shivaji started following the path of the leaves.

After some time, he reached Samarta Ramdas, a great Mahatma. He asked Shivaji to sit down and have some food. Hearing this, Shivaji replied he had brought an army that needed nourishment too. Ramdasji chanted Nama for some time and then instructed his sishya (disciple) to move a boulder blocking the entrance to a cave. Inside the cave was a feast, including food for the horses and elephants. Astonished by this, Shivaji asked the Mahatma how he was able to accomplish this, even though he was an only a sadhu with no possessions. In response, Ramdasji asked Shivaji to go see Tukaram Maharaj, another great Mahatma.

A few months later, as Shivaji was passing by the village of Dehu with his army, someone told him that the great Mahatma Tukaram lived there. He immediately remembered Samarta Ramdas ji’s response to his question earlier and went to see him. On reaching the abode of Tukaram Maharaj, he prostrated. Tukaram requested Shivaji to have some food. Shivaji once again said that he had an army to take care of. From the condition of Tukaram Maharaj’s hut and children, it seemed nearly impossible that he could provide food for an army! However, through the power of Nama, all Tukaram Maharaj needed was a bag of wheat flour. He gave a

pinch of wheat flour to every member of the army. Immediately everyone felt completely full and satisfied! Such is the greatness of Tukaram Maharaj. When asked how this was accomplished, Tukaram Maharaj replied, “There is another great saint named Samarta Ramdas. He has the answer.”

Mahatmas shower their grace in different ways through Nama. But only a Mahatma can understand another Mahatma.

Karthik Iyer,12 years San Jose CA


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