Bhakta Vijayam Hari Katha by Sri Poornimaji at Concord MA

Between Jun 2nd and 5th 2016, Sri Poornimaji treated devotees with a series of Hari Katha discourses on “Bhakta Vijayam” – the divine lives of great saints like Sri Purandaradasa, Bhakta Meera, Sri Thyagaraja and Sri Jayadeva Swamigal.  With the heart-melting kirtans of these Mahatmas rendered mellifluously, Sri Poornimaji narrated the divine charitra of the saint and brought out the ‘bhakti bhaava’ manifested in the life-incidents of these saints. Sandyaji from Richmond,  Ramyaji from San Jose CA and Manasa from Nashua NH supported the vocals and Skandhaprasadji of Richmond VA and Vikas from Acton MA supported on the percussion.  Youth from Acton and Boxborough also sang Sri Swamiji’s kirtans and other kirtans as a pre-program everyday.


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