Answers and Beyond… October 2010

Answers and beyond…
Spiritual questions answered by Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Q.  How can I best express my love for God?

A: When a person has wealth, he is ready to share it only with his kids and none others. So he tries his best to acquire as much wealth as possible. In the same manner, a knowledgeable person is not ready to share his rare knowledge with one and all.

In the same manner, if one is ready to share his love with the Lord, and the Lord alone, and no one else, then his Bhakti grows day by day. We should not let our love be scattered in different directions. Love has to be carefully accumulated, saved and offered only to the Lord; no one else.

Q. I chant the Mahamantra only when I am unable to bear the suffering in my life. I never feel bhakti or love towards Krishna. Will Krishna help me?

A: Most certainly. You can come to Krishna even for only mundane worldly matters. He is your father, mother, friend, philosopher, Guru, guide and well-wisher. He loves you so much – much more than you love yourselves.

Q. What are the do’s and don’ts to perform japa of the mantra given by the Guru? Can it be chanted all times, irrespective of the location and dress code (i.e. in office attire, wearing shoes, etc.)?

A: The “Rama” Nama and Mahamantra have no rules. You can chant it any number of times, any place, any time of the day and in any state. Other mantras may have their own restrictions and have to be chanted as instructed by the Guru.

Q. How do I identify an enlightened person? Nowadays every other godman claims that he is an enlightened Guru!

A: The very fact that they are claiming themselves to be enlightened, exposes that they are not enlightened! So search for the one who does not claim so!

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