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Spiritual questions answered by HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Q. India has the same earth, water and resources like other countries. When that is the case, what makes India ‘Holy’?

A. Great saints have the same physical body like any common man. Would it be appropriate to state that they are all one and the same, based on the physical similarities? The saints are vibrant with spirituality and that sets them apart. Similarly, India may be similar to other countries as far as resources are concerned. The earth and the water may be similar externally. But this land is the seat of spirituality and everything about it is holy and spiritual.

Q. We find that majority of the advancements in modern science have originated from other countries. Why is it so?

A. If one researches into the external world with his intellect, scientific advancement ensues. If one turns inwards and dives within one’s own self, it results in spiritual progress. The natural tendency of our countrymen is to turn their vision inward and perform self-enquiry. This is the prime reason why our nation is the spiritual nucleus of the world and no other nation has matched us in spirituality. On the same note, one cannot deny that our Vedas have spoken of innumerable rare scientific facts too.

Q. Is it possible to prove the special sanctity that is attributed to the water from river Ganges?

A. There are countless instances that are mentioned in various scriptures that extol the greatness of the Ganges. Let us set aside all of them. If we collect some water from the Ganges and keep it in a sealed container, it remains pure, microbe-free and unaffected, without any special preservative, even after many years. Does this is not clearly prove that water from Ganges has special qualities?

Q. Why is there a worsening of a psychological disorder on the days such as Poornima (full moon) and Amavasya (New Moon)?

A. On these days, there is variation in the intensity of the gravitational force. Our scriptures and Mahatmas opine that fluctuations in the gravitational force disturb the neurotransmitters and therefore those with mental disorders experience aggravations.

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