Crossword – Ramayana Part 2

Ramayana cw

4 Place where Lord Rama and Sita stayed during their exile, before going into Dandakaranya forest
5 The bird who fought with Ravana to rescue Sita
7 An old ardent woman who was blessed with Lord Rama’s darshan
12 Wife of Shatrughna
15 King Dasaratha’s family deity
16 King Dasaratha’s father
17 Wife of Lakshmana
18 Wife of Ravana

1 Chief counselor of King Dasaratha
2 Elder brother of Sugriva
3 Bhagiratha requested this river to come down to earth
6 Ravana’s brother who later became a close friend of Lord Rama
8 King Vali was the king of this place
9 The son of Tataka
10 Wife of Bharatha
11 This son of Ravana was killed by Lakshmana
13 Kaikeyi’s birth place
14 It is he who took Lord Rama to Sugriva


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