Mother’s Day Special – Expressions of Kids to their Mothers

Here are some sweet words by Gopa Kuteeram children from around the USA and Canada to their mothers, on the special occasion of Mother’s Day.


My sister and I call our mom, Amma. It may just be a couple of syllables put together but to me and my sister it means a lot more. My Amma is always ready for any circumstance, she is a miracle worker who knows the way to solve every problem, she is a master of emotion who always somehow happens to know exactly how we are feeling at any given time. If we are happy she will gladly celebrate with us and if we are sad she will do anything to cheer us up  when we are feeling down, and lastly, all our Amma cares about is our happiness and well being and that is why we love our Amma to the ends of this world.
– Shweta Srinivasan 15 yrs & Samhita Srinivasan 8 yrs Edmonton Canada

1. Mom is a blessing
2. Mom encourages me to go beyond the limits.
3. Mom means love and care, good guide, she will be there the whole entire time, MOM MEANS WORLD TO ME.
– Harini Narayanan 13 yrs, Edmonton Canada

I love my mom so much. She is the cozy mom and best mom in the whole world.
– Aadya, Akshay & Nikitha, Richmond VA

I love my mom so much. She is very nice, caring and kind. I always hug my mom. Thank you for being the best mom in the world.
– Jayashree, Lithik, Mahitha & Shreyas, Richmond VA

Happy mother’s day Amma. You always have done every thing for me even if you are very busy. You helped me in my hardest time. You always give me the hug that makes my day. I love you.
– Madhuri & Vedha Shruthi, Richmond VA

From the day I opened my eyes and looked at hers,
I trailed behind her like a ball of fur.
When she went there, I went there too.
When she went somewhere, I would follow through.
But then came a day when I outgrew that game.
It was time I hung out with friends and called them over to play.
Although I wasn’t the little girl I used to be,
My mother’s love is still as sweet as can be!
2 liner quote :
“My mom is my sunshine”
– Trisha Venkatesan 13 years, Seattle WA

Amma I love you so much. Thank you for taking care of me for your life. You are the best mom in the world.
– Vishnu Venkatesan 9 years, Seattle WA

Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there and my amma too. She cooks for me, she does special stuff for me. She plans vacations for me and playdates. She cares about me a lot and I love her so much. If she wasn’t there I wouldnt be here. There is no replacement for my mom.
– Karthikeyan Suresh 8 years, Minneapolis MN










– Archana Muthiah 8 years & Arthi Muthiah 6 years, Houston TX


Mothers Day Poem

Mothers love us most
Mothers are our first guru
Mothers never boast
Mothers are always with you

Amma spends all her time
Teaching me to live my life
Amma gets me ready for
Starting my day nicely

It’s you who took me to Sri G
Who loves me very much
Then he came and told me that
You’re also our Holy Mother

Amma, you help me study
You also help me sing
You take me everywhere,
Though you don’t wear bling 🙂

I love your quesadillas
and your yummy vazhakai
Your love-filled dosadillas
and your deep-fried vendakai

You read with me at night,
And the movies on Friday night
Then we sleep nice and tight.
Every day and night

Thank you Amma for all you do
For I’m very grateful
I love you sooooo much
And I will always be with you.

– Madhura Sriram 11 years, Houston TX 

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