2-Day discourse series on ‘The Path of Love’ by Sri Ramanujam ji in Phoenix, AZ

With the immense blessings of Sri Swamiji and the divine couple, Sri Ramanujam ji’s satsang in Phoenix, AZ was a grand success.

Hariram Ji and Hemalatha Ji of Phoenix (Arizona) GOD satsang hosted Sri Ramanujam ji for a 2-day discourse on Bhagavatha Dharma titled ‘The Path of Love’. By sheer coincidence (divine will), the discourse on ‘Prema’ happened on Feb 14th.

Sri Ramanujam ji spent a significant portion of the discourse focusing on the key essentials needed for the divine love to sprout in our heart, viz., acceptance and gratitude. He stressed on the fact that our lives are focused on ‘what’ gives on happiness and pursuing them rather than what ‘is’ happiness. And the easy way to attain happiness is by being grateful. With a touch of poetic insight, he reiterated that the phrase ‘I LEAD my life’ literally means that each one of us is a leader of our lives and that one should LEAD a life of gratitude irrespective of what happens in our lives.

The second day, Sri Ramanujam ji highlighted the easy way to develop love in our hearts which is by listening (Shravanam) to the divine pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna, constant contemplation (Smarana) on the divine pastimes and chanting His names (Kirtana). He eloquently put forth the greatness of chanting the divine names by stating that as eating each morsel of food satiates our hunger to that extent, so does the chanting of each divine name lead us to the ultimate goal by purifying us to that extent.

About 70 people attended the discourse on both days. Sri Ramanujam Ji made a clarion call seeking Nama Bhiksha from the Phoenix residents who reciprocated with fervor. Nama Satsangs are going to be held from this month onwards in various residences in and around Phoenix.

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