Bhajanamrutham in Seattle

The Seattle GOD Satsang group bathed in the nectar of His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji’s bhajans (and a few other Mahans’ kirtans) for a whole evening at ‘Bhajanamrutham’. This event was held on Sunday, October 3rd at the residence of Smt. Priya Murali & Sri. Bala Subramanian, Sammamish, WA.

The event started off with an introductory note by Priyaji on ‘Naama keerthan Mahima’ followed by the explanation of Marudanallur Sampradayam of rendering bhajans that the group tried to adhere to as closely as possible.

Bhajanamrutham started off with the rendition of ‘Rama Naama’ in various ragams by Smt. Lakshmi Aiswarya. This was followed by kirtans on ‘Naama Mahima’, namely ‘Anandame Hari naamame’ by little Pranav Dhilip and ‘Raama Naamam Sollvadhe’ by Smt. Shanthi Dhilip.

This was followed by a small interlude about Lord Ganesha and how His swaroopam of ‘Nardhana Vinayakar’ has japa maala in one hand to chant Rama Naama (as evinced by all His family members. Even Tiruchendur Murugar has a japa maalai in one of His hands!) Smt. Anupama Murali then rendered kirtans on Vinayaka.

The next category was ‘Guru’ bhajans in which Priyaji spoke about ‘Guru Mahima’, various Guru Lakshanaas and the significance of the song, Gurunathan Vaazhi. A series of captivating Guru bhajans ensued in the melodious voices of Smt. Bhavani Ram. It was a truly touchy and emotional moment for Sri Guruji’s devotees when Bhavaniji beautifully rendered ‘Sollamale solli ketkamale koduthu….’ before the Gurunathan Vaazhi kirtan.

Priyaji then highlighted the importance of ‘Poornavatar’ Krishna as an interlude to the Krishna Bhajans. She enunciated the meaning of ‘Poornam Brahmam Sanaatanam’ and Krishna’s rasika gunas. Lakshmi ji, Bhavani ji, Anupama ji enthralled us with bhajans and kirtans on Lord Krishna. A jugalbandhi between men versus women was organized to sing the ever favorite ‘Maraindhirundhu vennai thirudum kalla krishna’.

Songs on Satsang Mahima (Bhagyam Ullore varungal, Agaccha Agaccha) and on other deities and themes (such as Vaishnavo Janato, Harivarasanam, Naada vindu etc) were also sung by children (Maneesh, Atul, Nrithi, Aditi S, Aditi P, Pranav) and adults alike.

The evening concluded with a small note on ‘Abhangs’ by Priyaji. She spoke about the significance of Pandarpur and of the ‘Divya Shareeram’ of Krishna at this divya kshetram, how He is a simple personification of the message that if you chant the divine name, samsaara saagaram is only knee deep! Abhangs such as Mahayoga Peeta Nilaya, Dhanya Dhanya, Hari Mukhe Mana were sung with immense bhakti bhava by all.

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