Akanda Nama in Orlando, Florida

By the grace of Sri Swamiji and Thakurji, Orlando GOD conducted 4-hour Akandanama at the residence of Smt.Prajakta ji and Sri.Anand ji on May 27th 2019. After the Akandanama, GK kids were given assignments to talk about a great Bhagavata and sing kirtan composed by or on them. Kids were assigned to speak on Radha devi, Meera bai, bhakta Prahlad and Chaitanya Mahapraphu. All the kids performed well by narrating the stories, singing kirtans and using charts.

Over 40 devotees participated in the Akandanama and kids presentation. The place was filled with Nama, kirtans and mahimas of great Bhagavatas. Orlando GOD Satsang offer their humble prayers to Sri Swamiji and the Yugala Murthy to bless them with more bhakti, Nama, Utsavs and kainkarya and spread the divine Name in more houses in Florida.

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