Akhanda Nama and Special Satsang in Houston

Satsang and Akhanda Nama Kirtan filled the premises of Houston Namadwaar on May 22-23.The blessed family of Dr.Srinivasanji from India led the events at Namadwaar that weekend.
On Saturday evening, Dr Srinivasanji shared some of his divine anubhavas (experiences) of being with Sri Swamiji with the spellbound gathering. Sri Narayananji from Boston then spoke on the greatness of Satsang and Guru on Saturday.On Sunday May 23, Akhanda Mahamantra Nama Kirtan was conducted from 7 AM to 12 Noon where about 40 devotees participated and sang fervently to the tunes of the Divine Names. The satsang concluded with several Houston satsang
members sharing their experiences about prayers that have come true on chanting the Divine Mahamantra.

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