Special Satsangs by Sri Ramanujam ji in Dallas Tx

Sri Ramanujam ji’s 2-Day satsang was well received by around 55 to 60 new families by immense Krupa of Sri Swamiji in Mckinney and Little Elm Tx. The 2 home satsangs took place in the Mckinney and Little Elm areas of DFW metroplex on March 11th evening and March 12th morning.

Sri Ramanujam ji addressed different sets of people on both days. He addressed devotees that took to chanting the Mahamantra in the past few months regularly and also addressed many new families. He discoursed on the glories of chanting the ‘Bhagavan Nama’.

Day 1, March 11th started off at Sri Sathyanarayana ji, Smt. Kalyani ji’s house in Mckinney. More than 50 devotees took part and enjoyed Sri Ramanujam ji’s discourse on the greatness of chanting the ‘Bhagavan Nama’.

Day 2, discourse took place at Sri. Rajasekhar ji, Smt. Swetha ji’s place in Little Elm on March 12th morning. Around 30+ devotees with kids joined the discourse and were in rapt attention.

Day 3 session was at Sri. Shankar ji, Smt. Viji ji’s place in Frisco on March 16th evening. Here Sri Ramanujam ji extolled on the greatness of Mahamantra and its need for the hour. He quoted from Srimad Bhagavatam regarding Varaha avatar and how current day scientific discoveries are also arriving at the truth mentioned in our scriptures thousands of years back. Devotees had a chance to get their questions clarified and chanted the Mahamantra. Around 10 devotees participated.

Prayers to Sri Swamiji lotus feet for more such Nama satsangs and for the ‘Mahamantra’ to reach more new people soon by His grace.

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