Bhagavata Sapthaham in Fremont Temple, CA

Date: Oct 28th  – Nov 3rd 2007
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Topic: Bhagavata Sapthaham.
Venue: Fremont Hindu Temple, Fremont, CA.
Pravachana Karta: Sri Ramanujam Mukundagiri and Kum. Poornima Kumarasami

Sri.Ramuji and Kum.Poornima gave lectures on selected themes of Bhagavatam. They explained that the precepts of this eternal grantham could be applied in one’s daily life.  

Excerpts from the Birth of Bhagavatham

They said that Bhagavatam is an eternal grantha that extols the beauty and the greatness of Lord Vasudeva and elucidates the glory of the Bhaktas, the Krishna leela and the sweetness of chanting the divine name. They added that Bhagavatam was for normal day to day life people and that Bhagavata dharma was for everybody, and that there are no rules to enjoy this holy grantha.

Excerpts from Dhruva Charitram

Ramuji explained that Uttanapadha, Dhruva’s father had two wives Suneedi and Suruchi. Dhruva’s mother was Suneedi, who was always singing the praise of the Lord. Ramuji’s explanation of the effects of Needi and Ruchi was phenomenal. He said that if the prefix ‘Su’ is removed from both Suneedi and Suruchi., Needi and Ruchi were left. He aptly explained everyone’s inculcation to respect needi (Law or Rules), and how the inclination turns away from needi when one starts respecting ruchi (interest). He mentioned that one could attain permanence by following the path of needi while the path of ruchi might lead one to something nice but not everlasting.

He also added that when the cosmic balance (the balance between dharma and adharma) was altered, Guru would make his presence to restore the balance. He said, “One should realize that there is nothing called positive or negative happening in life. It is all the act of God and is an attempt to make one reach the goal of realization. Whenever somebody faces with a great blow in his/her life, it is an indication from the Lord to develop dispassion to material life and get into spiritual life. If we lead a life of love, contentment and justice, then Bhagavata Dharma will dawn on us, and we will transcend into samanya dharma”.

Excerpts from Prahalada Charitram

Poornimaji very beautifully illustrated that when one read the Bhagavata Mahathmyam (Bhagavata Mahathmyam bhagawath bhakti vardhanam), which is the glory of the bhaktas and Krishna’s leela’s, he/she would start to be God loving and that essence of Prahalada charitram was to have one understand the compassionate/loving nature of  Lord Hari. Prahalad Maharaj, showed the practical way of sharanagathi (surrender), which is the easiest and simplest path for this age of kali. She also added, “It is easy to be devotee of the Lord, whereas it requires a lot of effort to be a devotee of satguru”. She mentioned that this charitram, indicated that Lord Narasimha was indebted to his Bhakta, since he didn’t ask for any boon which the Lord wanted to give him.

Excerpts from Krishna Leela

The significance of Lord Krishna’s birth and his various leela’s were explained in detail.

Excerpts from Bhagavatha  saaram Poorthi (conclusion)

Poorinmaji summarized all the cantos of the Bhagavatam. She emphasized that one would attain the lotus feet of the Lord by mere reading of the Bhagavata saram, (essence of Bhagavatam). She stressed the importance of Namasankirtan, which was the very essence of all the charitrams in Srimad Bhagavatam. She mentioned that Mukti or experiencing the lotus feet of Lord Vasudeva in one’s heart can be obtained by Namakirtan.

There were about 110 rapt listeners, who were blessed to listen to this great sapthaham. The crowd was very receptive to all the lectures and were immensely impressed with Poornimaji’s  and.Ramuji’s fluency in quoting from Srimad Bhagavatam. It was indeed an amurtham (nectar) to all the listeners. The devotees dispersed with the hope of having more such satsangs in the future.

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