Bhakta Charitram in Houston

Sri Poornimaji gave a series of wonderful discourses in Houston, on the lives of three great saints – Sri Thyagaraja, Sant Meera Bai and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Satsangs were held over two weekends on April 11-12 and April 17-19.
All these three saints exhibited the highest prema bhakti towards God, and although each of their lives was very different, the common thread was that their lives were filled with only Bhagavan. The first weekend, she spoke beautifully about the greatness of worshipping God in a murthi and about the beauty of ekantha bhakti (single-minded devotion), and the touching incidents in the lives of Sri Thyagaraja and Sant Meera Bai.
The second weekend, she gave an extremely inspiring 3-day talk on the life of the Avatara Purusha, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who began the Nama sankirtan movement and spread Bhagavan Nama and devotion everywhere.
About 60 people attended the satsangs each day, which was held at the residence of Smt. Lekshmi and Sri Jeevan Nair.

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