Childrens’ program in New York

Mrs. Lakshmi Prasanna and Sri Prasanna ji run a weekly children’s cultural education school called BalaVihar at their residence in Cortlandt Manor, New York.  On Sunday 17th January, Sri Ramanjamji engaged the 25+ kids in the center in a fun activity.

The program started with a quiz for the kids.  This was followed by the story telling where Ramanujamji narrated the story Bali and Vamana.  This was followed by interactions with the children, and wound up with the children chanting the Mahamantra.

A satsang for the parents of the kids and other adults was also organized following the kids program.  Here Ramanujamji spoke about the beauty and simplicity of Bhagavata Dharma.
The satsang ended with all of them chanting the Mahamantra, followed by Harathi and Prasad.

Mrs. Latha Kumanan of our satsang coordinated the program.

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