Corporate Programs in WA

On Dec 9 2009, General Electric (GE) Healthcare IT, Seattle, WA hosted a workshop on Inner Peace and Stress Management conducted by Ramanujamji.

Some of the testimonials that we received at the end of the session spoke about how wonderful this session was conducted by Ramanujamji.  His humbleness, passion, dedication and powerful presenting skills complemented his message that happiness and inner peace can truly be effected by inner transformation.  Ramanujamji’s ’empty the cup’ paradigm specifically drew many people and they thought it was such a novel twist to many things they have heard before during these workshops.

Earlier in the week on December 7 2009, the City of Sammamish, WA hosted a Meditation and Stress Management Workshop which was Ramanujamji’s first corportate program during this trip. This was attended by a diverse population from various walks of life.  The key message that ‘Happiness’ lies within and can be effected from from within was very well received by many and there were many ‘aha’s and keeper’s that stemmed from this interactive session.  Some of them, especially, the principal of a very reputed school expressed his desire to host Ramanujamji at their school during his next visit to WA.

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