Gopa Kuteeram in Chicago

Gopa Kuteeram, a program for kids, was held on Sunday, Aug 29th 2010 between 4:00 to 5:00 p.m About 12 Kids participated in the program. The Kids along with their parents chanted the Mahamantra to start the program. The kids were taught about Lord Pandu Ranga and his love for Nama Sankirtan which made him dance to the tunes of the divine names. During story time, the kids were told about how Lord Pandu Ranga and Rakhumai came to Pandarpur to bless Pundareeka – a great Guru Bhaktha. Then the kids were taught a sloka on Lord Panduranga with meaning.

Later the Kids answered all the trivia questions based on the story correctly. The kids learnt a Namadev Kirtan (abang) joyfully. The program ended with each Kid reciting a sloka/kirtan of their choice, which they learnt from the previous Gopa kuteeram sessions to make the lord happy. The program ended with Maha Mantra and Mangal Harati. The bonus part of the Pandu Ranga theme of the Gopa kuteeram program was a dance performance to Govinda Giridhari song by one of the kids, Ramya.

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