Gopakuteeram Annual Day Celebrations in Chicago

The Gopa Kuteeram Annual day was celebrated at the Naperville Public Library on Friday, November 9th 2012. The event started with kids chanting the Mahamantra and Guru Dhyanam slokas. Each Gopa and Gopi then captivated the audience with their performances. Each of them rendered kirtans and slokas from Srimad Bhagavatam. Following this, all the Gopa Kuteeram kids chanted the “Guru Ashtakam” slokas that they had learnt during their weekly Gopa Kuteeram sessions. Last but not the least, a Gopi enthralled everyone with a splendid dance performance. Certificates and goodies were given to all the kids.
The celebrations did not stop there and it was the time for the much awaited lecture by Sri Ramanujamji. His lecture on the ‘Art of Spiritual Parenting’ was very well received by everyone. Around 30 parents listened to Sri Ramanujamji with rapt attention. Sri Ramanujamji then answered various questions from the parents following his discourse.