Gopakuteeram in Bay Area

By the immense grace of our Guru Mahraj, Gopakuteeram was conducted in Bay Area on Aug 21st at the residence of Sri Arun and Smt Padmini. Since it marked the auspicious occasion of Krishna Jayanthi, the theme of the event was Lord Krishna. The event commenced by chanting the divine names of the lord. The children were then taught “Madhura Nayaka “ bhajan and “Krishnaya Vasudeva” sloka along with the meaning. The children then danced around lord Krishna for the “kaliyayum Bali Kolum” kirtan. After a small break the session resumed and during this session the children learnt about Lord Krishna and they enacted the skit on Damodara leela. The last event was “Passing the Parcel” where everyone passed the pot to the tunes of Kaliyayum Bali Kollum song. When the music stopped, the person holding the pot was asked a question relating to Lord Krishna and everyone answered enthusiastically. Everyone enjoyed the event. About eight kids participated and they were dressed as Lord Krishna and Radha. The session ended with Namasankirtan, Arthi and Prasad.

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