Gopakuteeram Sloka Competition in Chicago

By the divine grace of our Sadguru Maharaj, the Chicago Gopakuteeram Shloka Competition was organized on Jan 21st 2012 from 2pm to 4:30pm at Lakewood Valley Community Center, Aurora, IL. Around 28 kids registered for the contest, out of which 9 were our Gopa Kuteeram kids. The kids were grouped into 3 levels based on their age and were all assigned a set of shlokas to learn from Srimad Bhagavatham and they were allowed to recite any favorite shloka of their choice for the second round.
3 to 5 yrs: Nama Sankeerthanam yasya… (or) Krishnaya vasudevaya haraye…
6 to 10 yrs: Tam adbhutham…, Shyamam hiranyam…, Namaha pankaja nabhaya… (or)
Barhapitam…,Iti matir…Kayenavacha…
11 to 15 yrs: Janmadhyasya…,Yam pravrajantam…(or) Nigama kalpataror…, Narayanam namaskrtya…
The event started with prayer (Mahamantra chanting). Smt. Yamini ZivanPrakashji gave the welcome address. She also briefed about G.O.D., and its vision; and about the Gopa Kuteeram program. This was followed by the Shloka presentation by all the contestants. The judges for the competition were Smt. Jaya Srinivasan ji , Sri. Srinivasanji and Smt Priya Tulasiji . All the children had learnt the shlokas so well and recited them with effortless ease. The children also delivered the meaning of the shlokas in their own words. It was a wonderful treat to all the listeners.
Sri Chitrarasuji, parent of one of the Gopa Kuteeram kids, shared his experience about how his child is benefiting from the Gopakuteeram program. Then, our Gopa Kuteeram kids enacted a play on, The Greatness of Satsangh – Sant Tulasidasji. The kids with very little practice sessions, did a wonderful job, whose video is shared too.
Certificates of Excellence and an Amar chitra katha book were presented to all the participants and the winners were awarded trophies, plaques and Sri Sri Swamiji books.
Zivanji delivered the vote of thanks. He also briefed about the upcoming GK session and satsangs. The event concluded with “Kaliyaiyum bali kollum” by the Gopa Kuteeram kids.
The following were the winners:

Category 1:
1st Prize: Aakash Ganesh
2nd Prize: Shashank Thiagarajan

Category 2:
1st Prize: Lalitha Koundinya Vattyam
2nd Prize: Maanav Iyengar

Category 3:
1st Prize: Aashna Shah
2nd Prize: Mihika Iyer

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