Gopakuteeram Summer Camp, Seattle GOD Chapter

By the immense grace of our GuruMaharaj and Madhuri Sakhi sametha Premika Varadhan Takurji we had a successful GK summer camp 2020. A big shout out to our teen teachers who not only inspired the younger kids but the adults as well. Their ideas, enthusiasm, zeal to learn, and take feedbacks were all heartening and refreshing. We would also like to thank the parents of our teen teachers who were all very supportive and encouraging. Heartfelt gratitude to all those who were a backbone for the success of this camp.

From engaging crafts to interesting presentations, this summer camp was full of rich knowledge about the mind, body, soul, and society. Children gained exposure to an array of topics and activities. From activities that helped the children establish inner peace like Yoga, shloka, gratitude journaling to applying their learnings to be responsible citizens of the world by activities like composting, solar car, conversations with many guest speakers like the CEO of user mind or the Washington Arts commissioner, or an Ice skating champion the camp was wholesome. 

The summer camp facilitated a learning experience that connected students from different parts of the country yet, created friendships and bonds that felt as real as an in-person interaction. Children were encouraged to eat lunch with their peers and actively participate through questions and ideas in all sessions. While we often expect children to learn new things from their teachers, this camp equally helped teachers learn many new things from their students as well! 

All in all, this summer camp accomplished to lay a strong foundation for the children to grow up as wise, cultured, and informed adults. 

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