Guru Mahima Exposition at DC Metro Sai Samasthan, Maryland

On October 29th 2017, Sunday morning we had Shri Poornimaji’s discourse at Maryland DC Metro Sai Samasthan Shirdi Saibaba Mandir. She spoke about Guru Mahima, which was an apt title for the venue as Shirdi Saibaba himself was a great guru. She explained and cleared a misconception that lot of people have that a Guru is not a middle man but the Lord himself in the human form. When God has accepted our devotion he sends us to a Uttama Guru, and He cleanses all our impurities and takes us to the lord. There is no sadhana possible without a Guru. She talked about various Mahans and their guru bhakti. It was the first time Shri Poornimaji spoke in that Venue and all the devotees enjoyed the discourse. She participated in the temple aarthi, she was offered the prashad by temple priests.

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