Guru Purnima in Minneapolis, MN

With the grace of our Guru Maharaj, Minneapolis GOD Satsang celebrated Guru Poornima with Akhanda Mahamantra kirtan on 24th July, 2021. Satsangam was conducted entirely online over Zoom, and we had a continuous stream of over 50 devotees leading Mahamantra from 8 AM CST to 4 PM CST.

After a blissful Nama-poorthi, we had an offering of Guru Kirtans, and Sri Madhurageethams, lead by bhagavatas from Minnesota as well as from other states. Satsangam was concluded with prayers at the Holy Feet of our Guru Maharaj HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, to bless us all with more satsangam, Guru Kainkaryam, Guru Bhakti and Nama Bhakti.

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