'Heart Of Love' – A Fundraiser event in Plano, Texas

Global Organization for Divinity organized a fundraiser event “Heart of Love” – a music and dance ensemble featuring four premier music and dance schools of DFW on Sunday May 12, 2013 at Plano Courtyard Theatre. This event was an ode to the divine love Sri Krishna showers on all His devotees. The fundraiser proceeds go towards the rural outreach charitable activities of India based ‘Sri Sandeepani Gurukula Trust’ – an ‘Indian Tax exempt (Section 80G)’ charity organization which has been serving humankind for past 17 years.

The day was perfect. The ensemble was perfect. Plano Courtyard Theater was all set to experience a hallmark event in its history. The program commenced with an invocation by the little children from the GOD satsang. The hall was fully packed with rasikas, who were first donors as well!

Meenakshiji’s team’s performance, true to the name, was indeed mellifluously ‘Suswara’. When the young ones started ‘anthaa raamamayam’ in the grand backdrop of the Rama Parivaar, it was truly ‘raama mayaam’ everywhere. Be it the greatness of Rama Nama or the song in Kedaram, the team did a fantastic job bringing Bhadrachala Ramadasa’s bhaavas in front of all the rasikas. Rama’s compassion could be experienced by one and all, when they sang ‘Ynduku Krupa…’ in the most melodious Ananda Bhairavi. The entire Suswara team brought forth the essence of Rama Bhakti through their performance and it was a grand treat to everyone’s ears and hearts!

Santhiji’s school gave an extraordinary performance on Krishna. Krishna’s hue was reflected in their dress code, Krishna’s wit and pranks in their Oothukaadu Kirthan. The Bhakti of great Mahatmas like Dikshitar, Thyagabrahmam and Annamayya oozed through the renditions of these young hearts. Mother’s day special – Enna Thavam made all the audience really jealous of the divine mother – Yashoda! And the rare thillana was a perfect culmination.

When the screen opened again for the dance segment, excitement was in the air. Hail! Janaki Ramana, came the music as the Sampradaya Thodaya Mangalam of five songs set the stage for all the wondrous performance that was to come! Krishna’s Leelas is one where one could find all bhaavas and rasas – be it the Vatsalya in Krishna’s eating mud, or the Ghambirya of his Kaliya Nardhana, Kaarunya in lifting the Govardhan or Maadhurya in Rasa Lila or Veera in Gitopadesha – the Ellora team brought out all these Rasas vividly through their abhinayas – Chinni Krishna was truly ‘sampoornam’. The experience reached yet another new when the team started off with Oothukadu Kavi’s Thillana. As the song progressed, the performance of the children was so exhilarating that every one of the audience felt that they were indeed in the Yamuna battling the Kaliya serpent. As the Gambhira Nattai Kirtan reached its finale, the hearts longed for more…

Meera’s story of divine love was portrayed next – in the backdrop of Krishna and Meera. Meera’s child-like Bhakti was depicted by the excitement with which the young Meera danced with her little Krishna. As she grew up, Krishna was waiting for her! The coy Meera’s love and Krishna’s grace and elan were a treat for everyone’s eyes, as they performed together in the temple. Meera Bhajans intertwined with Giridhara Gopal’s and Meera’s conversations was a perfect combination. And when the ‘Raasakrida’ started with peacocks doing the introduction, the experience was jaw-dropping with perfect synchrony among the performers combined with grace. Supreme divine love cannot be expressed in words, no matter how flowery. But the Meera production team proved that it can be experienced through expressions of dance – and the moment of awe transformed into a moment when the heart melts – as the divine union happened.

When Aarthi Raviji introduced the ‘Hare Rama’ Mahamantra, everyone knew it was the culmination. In the glorious background of Thakurji blessing all, the silhouette of the artists shone lustrously and slowly unfurled the magic of our Guru Maharaj HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji (Guruji)s ‘Hare Rama endru Padiduvom’ kirtan – an impeccable performance of a choreography flawlessly and tastefully done by Vani Iswara ji. Comparing and choreographing Rama and Krishna’s Lilas is no easy job – and it was delivered in perfect eclat and grace. Hearts melt; a moment of happiness; tears of joy – as the crescendo reaches and the gamut of artists assembled on the stage for a soulful prayer.

On the day of the event, Vonage, the food stall by Taj Chat Cafe, the snacks and pickle stall by Mrs. Nithyaji, the jewelry stall, Thoranam stall, ‘Divine Word Search’ – the game-book stall, and many others supported by donating proceeds for the divine cause. Fort Montessori, VGW Insurance, Sri Guruvayurappan Temple of Dallas, Bawarchi Indian Cuisine, Pravachanam.com, Rejuve, First Lending and TheShahTeam.com have all been regular supporters of G.O.D.

Around 400 people attended the event and close to 100 artists participated in the program.

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