Janmashtami Celebrations in Dallas

With the grace of the Lord and Sri Sri Swamiji’s blessings, the Dallas GOD Satsang celebrated Krishna Janmashtami in a grand manner at the residence of Mrs. Vidya Ramji and Sri Ramji in Frisco, TX.

The program started at 3:00 pm with Srimad Bhagavatam Dhyana Slokas. The 4 hour Akhanda Nama, that followed was split into 15-minute slots and families were assigned to lead each slot.

The Akhanda Nama saw about 20-30 participants up until 5 pm, after which devotees started pouring in.  During the final hour of the Akhanda Nama, more than 70 devotees were present and everyone chanted in the best of their spirits and devotion.  Offerings like butter and sweets were made to little Krishna after every hour.

At 7:00 pm, the Akhanda Nama concluded with the recitation of Kunti Stuti.  Then all the devotees enthusiastically sang Sri Sri Swamiji’s ‘Kaliyayum Bali Kollum…’ Kirtan on the greatness of Nama.

The Janmashtami celebrations concluded with Harathi singing ‘Jaya jaya mangalam sri Guro’ Kirtan of Sri Sri Swamiji.

The host as well as other devotees truly felt blissful after attending the 4-hour marathon celebrating the Janmashtami, just in line with Sri Sri Swamiji’s verse:

‘Paadidum bhaktarayum paadidum thalathaiyum paavanam aakkidum keerthanam paadeere!’

[Oh Ye! Sing the Kirtan that purifies the person who sings it and the place where it is sung!]

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