KFAI Radio Interview with Sri.Bhagyanathanji in Minneapolis.

Is there a correlation between science and ancient vedic scriptures? How is scriptural knowledge relevant in modern times? Sri.Bhagyanathanji from Chennai shared his perspectives and insights with Minneapolis radio 90.3 FM KFAI on how ancient scriptures have always guided us and continue to influence us in this day and age where technology and the mechanical churn of everyday life has taken its toll on human life. Sri.Bhagyanathan ji introduced the concept of ‘Mantra’ chanting with specific emphasis on Mahamantra that left the listeners with a quest to chant the Supreme Mantra. The presentation was interspersed with Madhurageetham and Mahamantra in Sri Swamiji’s Divine Voice. The radio interview took place in Minneapolis on Saturday, February 23rd 2013.

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