Kids Program in Chicago

Date: April 12, 2009
Time: 4:15 to 6:00 pm CST
Venue: Residence of Sri Zivan Prakashji and Smt Yamini Zivan Prakash, Chicago, IL
Event: Kids program

The program started with the Mahamantra Kirtan followed by sloka and the kirtan Jaya Jaya Mangalam. The meaning of this song was explained to the kids. It was story time for the kids and they were told Sant Ekanath’s charitram throwing light on his patience. With assistance from the elders, the kids enacted the Sant Ekanath’s life. To instill the character of Sri Rama in the young minds, the kids were narrated Rama’s character.

Game time was fun when the kids were asked to observe Madhuri Saki Sameta Shri Premika Varadhan’s picture for 1 min. When this was done, the kids were asked questions to test their observation.  A crossword puzzle was given as homework for the kids. No doubt that the kids thoroughly enjoyed the program. The pictures that highlight the smiles in the face of the kids are the very proof that they are looking forward to the next program.

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