‘Krishna Provides’ – A Puppet Show in Seattle

The Seattle chapter of GOD organized a debut puppet show by the ‘Dancing Peacock Puppet Company’ on the story ‘Krishna Provides’ at the Ananda Mela. It was a huge success.  The turnout was fabulous and parents/children and everyone present enjoyed the show.  The event was attended by a large number of ethnic groups and other communities. The story-teller, narrator and mascot was ‘Kutti Kitta’ the handsome peacock with Gopi Chandan on his forehead who stole the hearts of many people.

The GOD stall that was set up at the venue to get the word out about Sampradaya Camp, Kolam Company and Dancing Peacock Puppet Company was a phenomenal success.  The word, Sampradaya rang a sweet bell for many and they showed up promptly at the booth to inquire when the next camp was going to be held.

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