Life of great saints – in Bay Area

Date: Oct 13th  – Oct 19 2008
Topic: Devotional Life of great saints (Bhaktha Charitram)
Venue: Fremont Hindu Temple, Fremont, CA

San Francisco Bay Area experienced torrential rains of Nama Bhakthi few days before Diwali. Kumari Poornimaji gifted a unique form of necklace to all devotees with the pearls representing the virtuous lives of great Indian saints who served as epitome of bhakthi and true devotion in the recent years. Each day she took the life history of a saint and illustrated the sacrifices and relevance to today’s world. Without shunning away from the problems of household life, they remembered God in every moment of their lives and showed us a path to face the trials and tribulations of life with a smiling face.

The program started with the life history of Sant Namdev. Akin to Dhruv and Prahlad, his life illustrated that love towards God has no age bar and how Namdev maharaj talked to Lord Panduranga like a friend since childhood. Second day was aptly on Goswami Tulsidas soon after the Hanuman Chalisa chanting at the temple. Goswamiji knew nothing but Sri Ram and Hanumanji in his entire life and a standing example of how Ram Naam alone can take one to the feet of God. Sant Eknathji’s life on the third day was a standing example of how selfless devotion to Guru alone is enough to take one to the highest state and there is no other sadhana needed. On the fourth day Poornimaji talked about the simple life of Tukaramji and how his life teaches us the importance of understanding that only real wealth is the selfless love towards Lord and this alone will give us the everlasting happiness that we all seek for. On the Fifth day, she took the topic of Sant Kabir and illustrated how the path of chanting the divine name of the Lord is beyond any boundaries of caste, creed and religion and applies to the entire humanity.
On the final day, in addition to listening to the greatness of Meerabai, devotees had a great musical treat in the form of her bhajans. Pandit Damodar Shastriji from the temple summed up the feelings of all the devotees by saying, “Poornimaji has showered us all with a great dhaan – bhakti dhaan and we are all indebted to her”. The temple administration honored Poornimaji and invited her to give more programs every year. At their request, Poornimaji also wrote an article for the temple magazine Vedic Sandesh on Spirituality in today’s world. Click here for the article.

Poornimaji also enthralled the devotees with several private house satsanghs on Rukmini Kalyanam, Bhakthi and its relevance in modern life. These satsanghs were highly interactive and devotees got deep insights about chanting the divine names as a simple, but practical path and its relevance in our today’s busy world.

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