Loom Japa with Mahamanthra chanting in Tri-Valley, Bay Area,CA

By the grace of Sri Swamiji H.H. MahAranyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, beanie hat looming along with Mahamanthra chanting happens once every fortnight coinciding with Ekadasi.

During these sessions many devotees join together and chant the Mahamantra as they loom hats for the homeless.

The goal for the number of beanie hats in the beginning of this year was 220 but the turn over has exceeded the goal and reached a number of 621 – along with the vibration of His Divine Name.

Some of the organizations that have been benefitted by this service are:
Love never fails Hayward
Love a child missions ,Bay point
Veterans villiage in Vegas.

This is has indeed been a very wise and best end of the year treat to each one of them sheltered in these organizations.

They have attained refuge under the umbrella of His Divine Name!!

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