Nadopasana – Krishna Leela at Nama Nivas, Minneapolis

A grand satsang coupled with Bhajan Sandhya was organized at ‘Nama Nivas’ – the new residence of Sri Mrurali and Mrs. Priya Murali in Excelsior, MN on the evening of Sunday, Oct 28, 2012.
The venue was ‘Nama Nivas’ and the prime connoisseur of the event was verily our Thakurji – Madhuri Sakhi sameta Sri Premika Varadan, grandly seated on a huge ‘aasana’ decked with flowers and our Guru Maharaj, in the form of His Holy Padukas. ‘Upashrotaas’ (secondary listeners) from different corners of the country had gathered. Distinguished guests from the Minneapolis Indian community were special invitees.
The evening started with Bhajans and Kirtans led by Mrs.Aparna Srivatsan, Sri.Srivatsan and other devotees – comprising of kirtans composed by Sri Sri Swamiji, along with Namavalis. As the day headed towards sunset, the parayana from Srimad Bhagavatam commenced. Led by Sri Ramanujamji, devotees read from Srimad Bhagavatam the first chapter of the 10th canto – the Ashraya. Sri Ramanujamji gave everyone the nectar of ‘katha shravana’. He spoke about how a satsang becomes a satsang when Krishna Katha is listened to, and how ‘Shravana’ Bhakti is the simplest path, least affected by the ills of Kali, and the most effective in attaining the Supreme. He discoursed on the grandness of Krishna’s descent and narrated the circumstances that led to the Avatara of Krishna.
The second and third chapters of the 10th canto that speak about the birth of Krishna were read and in a divine environment filled with Bhajans and Namavalis, Krishna Avatara was celebrated by all the devotees amidst showering of flowers and loads of different varieties of sweets and savories offered to Thakurji. The evening ended with a discourse of the reminder of Krishna Jananam and dolotsav.
Earlier, in the morning, Paduka Pravesham and Nama Pravesham was performed at the new residence, followed by traditional rituals, Paduka Puja and Bhagavata Parayanam. Monday, October 29th was the day of Govardhan Puja! Different varieties of rice, sweets and savories were offered to Thakurji when the four chapters from Bhagavatam signifying Govinda Pattabhishekam was read. The Lord was showered with flowers amidst chanting of the ‘Govinda’ Nama and Sri Swamiji’s kirtans -‘ellorum varungal…’, ‘govinda kamadenum..’ and others were sung. The Govinda Pattabhishekam satsang ended with Mangalam and Harathi.
It was the Raasa Poornima and on Tuesday, October 30th, the Krishna leela culminated with the rendering of Raasa Panchaadyaayi (the 5 chapters from Srimad Bhagavatam about Rasa Lila). Many of Sri Swamiji’s Kirtans were sung and sweet Prasad was offered to the Lord. The five-day grand ‘Gruhapravesha Utsav’ concluded with Anjaneya Utsav at Nama Nivas.

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