Navaratri and Radha Kalyanam in Namadwaar, Atlanta GA

Atlanta Namadwaar celebrated the divine Radha Madhava Vivah Mahotsavam on the 14th of Oct. The grand celebration was attended by over 100 people. The evening was filled with divine kirtans, Astapathibajans. Devotees sang and danced joyously around the divine couple. Radhakalyanam was celebrated with all the traditional practices.

Smt Jeya Kishoreji shared the importance of having the presence of a Guru in our lives and the transformation and guidance that one receives with the presence of a Uttamma Guru in ones life. Devotees enjoyed participating in the ball game, signifying the loving game played by Sri Takurji and Radharani. The game is played with the beautiful rendition of “pUp pandADuginDrAn – kaNNan rAdhaiyuDan pUp pandADuginDrAn” The celebration concluded with Harathi and maha prasadham was served to all the devotees.

Navaratri Golu
By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, Atlanta Namadwaar celebrated Navrathri with Gollu. As always devotees came together and lovingly decorated the steps, and arranged the dolls. Devotees took turns to offer daily Nama and Lalithasahasranama at Namadwaar along with Harathi.

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