Namadwaar Houston celebrates Navaratri with Madhura Geethams on Radha Devi and beautiful rangolis

“This month at the Houston Namadwaar, Vak Arpanam continued with devotees coming in person to chant the Divine names of the Lord. October 2nd was an auspicious occasion due to Purattasi Sanivara coinciding with Ekadasi. About 20 devotees came together to offer Srinivasa bhajans to Bhagavan. Houston Namadwaar also took part in the special Srimad Bhagavatam Nakshatra Parayanam October 8th – 11th. A total of 32 devotees performed the Parayanam for Madhurisakhi and Premika Varadan.

October 6th – 15th were the days of Navaratri. Each day, a beautiful new Rangolis was drawn and offered to the lord and our Guru Maharaj based on themes from Sri Madhurageetam. Devotees were encouraged to identify the Sri Madhurageetam from the depiction in the rangoli and understand the bhava in it. About 20 bhagavatas offered 100 Radhe kirtans over Navaratri and Vijayadashami.

Starting Vijayadashami day, families across Houston began the Mahamantra Pushpam offering. Each member of 60 households would hold a Silver Lotus in their hand and chant 1008 Mahamantras and offer the Pushpam to our Guru Maharaj on the 60th Jayanthi Day.”

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