Navayogi Upakhyanam at Houston Namadwaar

On April 24-26, Sri Poornimaji gave a series of discourses on Navayogi Upakhyanam from 11th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. She movingly spoke of Sri Krishna’s intention to leave this world, and of the curse on the Yadavas, which was again His will; of Sage Narada’s visit to Krishna’s father Vasudeva; of King Nimi and his questios to the Nava Yogis; and finally of the upadesa of the first yogi, Kavi, which summarizes the expositions of all the nine yogis and essentially says that the way to get rid of fear in this world is to hold on to the feet of Achyuta! And that this can be done easily by following the Bhagavata Dharma.

It was indeed a treat to the ears, minds and hearts to listen to this deep delve into the essence of Bhagavatam.

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