New Year Satsangs in Seattle, 2015

Seattle GOD satsang celebrated the beginning of the new year 2015 with two Akhandanamas.  The first one was as part of the global nama relay, where Seattle was one of the cities where the nama relay ended.  Satsang members assembled and chanted the Mahamantra at the VEDA Sri Venkateshwara temple on Saturday, January 3rd from 3:50PM to 6:00PM.  There were a total for 14 adults and 7 children who were a part of this chanting session.  The chanting concluded with the rendering of Devaki Balaya.
The second Akhandanama that Seattle was blessed was on Sunday, January 4th, at the residence of Smt Lakshmiji and Sri Rajeevji.  The Mahamantra chanting started at 6AM and went on till 6PM.  The chanting was followed by  an hour long bhajanamrutham session where children and adults rendered various sweet and divine Madhurageethams.  The event was attended by around 20 adults and 10 children.  The event ended with the serving of prasadham to all gathered devotees.


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