Pearland and Cypress Gopa Kuteeram Year End Programs 2012-13 and Field Trips

Children of Gopa Kuteeram programs in Pearland and Cypress areas in Houston brought their year-long weekly program to a colorful conclusion and field trips.
In Pearland, the year-end performance by children was conducted on Saturday April 27th 2013 in Namadwaar. The performance included a Ramayana hand-puppet show by the kids and the staging of a play – Pundaleeka’s Love for His Parents. The children enjoyed performing and did a wonderful job that was appreciated by all parents. All kids then received certificates and Gopa Kuteeram mementos from Ramaswamyji of California. The following Saturday, May 4th 2013, the kids went out on a fun field trip to ‘My Chicken Diaries’ farm in Manvel. They had a great time learning about chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese from across the world; learning about their life and habits; listening to stories about the birds’ relationships and the values the birds exhibit; feeding the birds as well as a goat and a donkey; and finally making a creative craft and making up and presenting their own story about their creation.
Cypress Gopa Kuteeram kids immensely enjoyed watching a Ramayana string puppet show by Dancing Peacock Puppet Company for their year-end party which was conducted on Saturday April 20th 2013 at the residence of Sri.Mahesh and Mrs.Lakshmi Mahesh. They then received their certificates and mementos from their teachers Laxmiji and Mahesh ji. The following weekend, on Saturday April 27, they all visited the Nature Fest for their field trip.

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