Pearland Mayor visits Namadwaar Houston, Tx

The Honorable Mayor of Pearland, Mr. Kevin Cole, visited Namadwaar on Oct 5, 2021, along with Ms. Tracy Rohrbacher, Director of Pearland Convention & Visitors’ Bureau, and Ms. Megan Flowers, from the City administration.

Right at the entrance to the new Namadwaar building, the City officials appreciated the unique display of the Mahamantra written in 16 different world languages.

The Mayor wished to discuss the future of arts in Pearland. A display of our arts activities over the years was presented. G.O.D. has been a recipient of the City’s cultural arts grant for several years.

The Mayor took time to look at each poster and understand how G.O.D. has contributed to the growth and diversity of art and culture in the community – through the performing arts such as music, dance, theater; through the annual Puranava Indian Culture Fest; through collaborations with other world cultures; through visual arts, contests and workshops; and the value of Namadwaar itself as a unique place to visit in the USA and the home of the 9-foot tall majestic deity, Sri Aishwarya Srinivasa.

The Mayor appreciated our diversity and cultural contributions. He then had an engaging discussion about current challenges and future opportunities for Arts growth in Pearland.

The team was also given a tour of the new building and apprised of plans for its inauguration next year, by divine grace. We look forward to a continued partnership with the City of Pearland in the future.

Link to video about the visit:

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