Poornimaji's lecture on 'Spirituality for this Day and Age' and Gopakuteeram Art Competition in Seattle

By Sri Swamiji’s grace, GOD Seattle Satsang conducted a ‘Gopa Kuteeram Art Competition’ for children of all ages in the Seattle area. The children were separated by age in 3 categories and the following subject matter was allotted to them:

Narthanapriyas (age 5 and below): Dancing Peacocks in Krishna’s garden
Gopalas (5-10): Happy Cows
Vaishnava Janatos (10 and above): Your interpretation of an Avatar of Vishnu

About 45 children participated in the competition with much enthusiasm while their parents listen to Poornimaji’s lecture on ‘Spirituality for this Day and Age’. A local, well-known artist, Ms. Stuti Garg was the judge for the competition and she distributed the participation certificates and trophies.

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