Radhashtami Celebration by Virginia GOD Chapter

With the immense blessings of our GuruMaharaj and the divine couple Madhuri Sakhi sametha Premika Varada Takurji, Virginia Namadwaar celebrated Radhashtami on 23rd August and 25th August online.
On 23rd, the Satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan. Then many madhura gitams on Guru, Nama mahima were sung. The devotees eagerly sang a long list of madhura gitams on Radha Devi’s jananam. Little Radha was decorated and kept in a small bassinet. Then Krishna kirtans were rendered. Prarthana kirtans were rendered to our ever compassionate Radha Devi invoking Her blessings to ever bestow us with Krishna kainkaryam, Nama Ruchi and more and more satsangs.
Satsang Concluded with Anjaneya Swami songs and Kaliyayum bali kollum kirtan. The Maha harathi was performed.
On 25th August, we had a 6 hour Akanda Nama from 12 pm. Nothing else pleases Sri Swamiji more than chanting the Mahamantra. Around 30 devotees enthusiastically participated and chanted Nama. After the Nama we recited Madhurisakhi Gadyam and Sri Radhika panchakam. Then Lakshmi and Krishna ashtothram was recited. Then the devotees blissfully sang many Radha and Yugala kirtans. The satsang concluded with Kaliyayum bali kollum and harathi.

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