Radhashtami Celebrations in Houston Namadwaar — Spe 2013

Radhashtami was celebrated joyously at Houston Namadwaar with 2 days of all-day Akhanda Mahamantra sankirtan on Wednesday and Thursday, September 11th and 12th 2013. On Wednesday, Sep 11 evening Radha Kalyanam was celebrated in a grand manner at the residence of  Sri. Ram and Mrs.Zenitha. Ashtapadhis and other bhajans were sung and the wedding was followed by a short discourse by Sri Ramaswamyji.
On  Thursday, Sep 12 evening, Sri Krishna and Sri Radharani were taken around the Houston Namadwaar premises on an elephant vahanam procession, to the singing of kirtans. The Divine Couple looked very grand in their palanquin which was decorated beautifully and adorned with an elephant in front, and with two large festive umbrellas and a fire torch adding to the majesty of the procession.
All the devotees enjoyed themselves immensely, singing the glories of Bhagavan.
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