‘Radhe Radhe’-A Dance Ballet in Detroit, Michigan

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, the ‘Radhe Radhe’ a classical dance ballet depicting the Supreme Prema Bhakti (Unconditional Divine Love) of Sri Radha Devi for Sri Krishna was a grand success. The event was held on Sunday, June 21st 2015 at Clawson High School, Clawson very well attended by over 150 people from diverse socio-cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The classical dance show was choreographed by Smt. Sudha Chandrasekhar. There were total of 36 dancers
performed the show. The dancers were from Hindu Temple Rhythms, Michigan and also guest performers Smt. Preetha Kandanchatha from Toronto and Smt. Campakalata Fiorentino from Hawaii, and all the young artists who performed had mesmerized everyone. The dancers performed a lovely group performance, awesomely choreographed, aptly depicting the divine love of Radha and Krishna. The dance show was blended through a tastefully arranged sequence of themes which left the audience awestruck in union with the Divinity!

Wonderful artwork direction services were rendered by Sri.Venkatesan Srinivasan and Sri.Rajkumar Ramamurthy, helped in setting up invaluable assistance in creating the background scenes, and Artwork for the production and also Anand Varadharajan who assisted in facilitating the sound and light effects.

The proceeds from the event benefit the building of a charitable hospital in Southern India. Many thanks to audiences for their wonderful support for this cause.

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