Raleigh Gopa Kuteeram Annual Day in the presence of Sri Ramanujam ji via. online

On May 23rd, By the grace of Bhagavan and our Beloved Guru maharaj, Raleigh Gopakuteeram celebrated our Annual day in the presence of Sri.Ramanujam ji through Zoom online.

We started our Program around 4 pm and all the kids chanted Maha mantra as a prayer Invocation. Lavanya ji , one of our GK teacher gave a brief introduction about Ramuji and about Raleigh GK .

Smt.Vidhya ji of Kutti krishna class started of with her kids .All the little kids recited slokas one after the other and shared a small video presentation of Kids dressed up in different vahanas of God and sang bhajans.

Then Smt.Akila ji class from Morrisville requested their Gokula class kids to recite Bhagavatham Dhyana class and also shared a video presentation on the topic Sheelam. Each kid shared and highlighted the importance of values and virtues.

Vasudevashtakam slokas were recited by kids from Smt.Vani jis Brindavanam class one by one and all the kids beautifully shared the 9 forms of Bhakthi by Prahlada swamy through a video presentation

Smt Mathangi ji started of with her introduction and prompted her kids from Class Mathura to recite Hanuman Chalisa . Kids also performed few Abhangs. Their class made a video presentation on Bhaktha Charithras like Raidas, Korakumbar, Senanayi ,Etc

Finally, Dwaraka class kids got their opportunity to present Yamunashtakam handled by Smt. Ranjani . They also got to showcase a small play highlighting the importance of protecting our resources and merging with our sanathana dharma sharing the stories of Lord Vishnu Avatars. They also performed Sri.Jeyadeva’s 1st Ashtapathi.

The event came to a grand end after Sri.Ramanujam ji speech. He addressed the kids/ parents and insisted the importance of having physical, intellectual and Emotional balance . He encouraged the kids to understand our culture and enjoy the freedom of this country .He also appreciated Parents for their upbringing kids in our culture.

Around 35 GK kids and around 70 people including GK parents/ Family/ friends participated in the event. We concluded the event by Mass chanting of Maha mantra by all the Gk kids.

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