Satsang with Poornimaji in Norwalk, Connecticut

New York GOD team conducted a satsang with Poornimaji at Norwalk, CT on February 18th 2012. The satsang commenced by chanting the Mahamantra followed by Guru Kirtans such as Guru Maatha Guru Pitha(Sant Eknath kirtan), Kurukku Vazhi Thedum Maandargale(Sri Sri Swamiji’s kirtan) and kirtans extolling the glory of the divine name such as Anni Manthramulu(Annamacharya kirtan), Bhajo Rey Bhayya Rama Govinda Hari(Kabirdas kirtan).

Sri Poornimaji lectured on the glory of Naama quoting the story of Surdas and explained the meaning of few verses of ‘Kaliyayum Bali kollum(Sri Sri Swamiji’s kirtan). The children sang the first, third and fifth Thiruppavais followed by Kaliyaiyum Bali Kollum song. The satsang ended with the rendition of ‘Anjaneya Anjaneya Anjaneya Rama’ kirtan and the chanting of divine names of the lord.

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