Shloka Competition in Seattle

Seattle Gopakuteeram organized its first ever large scale ‘Shloka Competition’ at the VEDA (Sri Venkateswara) Temple in Redmond, WA. There were about 40 children enrolled in the camp. The children were divided into 3 categories and they were all assigned one mandatory shloka to learn from Srimad Bhagavatam and they were allowed to recite any favorite ‘Krishna Shloka’ of their choice for Shloka no 2.:

Below 5: NamaSankeerthanam Yasya
Above 5: Janmadhyasya
Above 10: Janmadhyasya

All the children had learnt these shlokas so well and recited them with effortless ease! It was truly heartening to see that. Certificates of participation and ‘Srimad Bhagavatham’ booklets were distributed as mementos to all participants and the winners were awarded customized trophies and medals. The judges for the competition were Smt. Ananthavalli Subramanian and Sri. K.S. Subramanian. They declared the winners as follows:
Category 1:
1st Prize: Vikramaadhithyaa Jagannathan
2nd Prize: Pranav Ram
3rd Prize: Sadhvi Ram and Rishi Lakshminarayanan

Category 2:
1st Prize: Nrithi Subramanian
2nd Prize: Advaith Subramanian
3rd Prize: Harini Swaminathan

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