Special Akanda Nama Sankirtan in Minneapolis, MN

By the blessings of Sri Swamiji, Mallika ji and Vishwanathan ji had chosen to ring in a significant milestone, (60th birthday) in their lives with family and friends with the precious, divine gift of Bhagawan Nama by continuous chanting for 8 hours on Saturday, March 26, 2016. Devotees from various parts of Twin Cities were immensely blessed to witness, Divya Nama Krishnar basking in sweet scents from His elaichi mala and the divine sound of Nama!

Later Kirtans glorifying Nama were sung and all the wonderful rasikas were specially addressed by Sri. Poornimaji from Houston and Sri. Bhagyaji from Madhurapuri Ashram. Beverages, snacks and dinner prasadam was served everyone in the end.

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