Special Commencement Prayer Session For School Students in Richmond, VA

It was an onset of another school year full of exciting challenges and learning. Both students and parents need strength to face them and move forward. What more can give us strength than prayers!!!!

Virginia Namadwaar conducted a special commencement prayer session for the school going kids on Sunday, September 4, 2017.

The session started with Maha mantra Nama Sankitran for 60 minutes. After the welcome address, there was an interactive session for the children conducted by Sri Rajesh SrinivasanJi . It was an interesting session explaining the importance and necessity of prayer in our everyday life. The kids were eager and enthusiastic to participate. Following this we had some high school and middle school children sharing their positive experiences about chanting Nama.

After this we had prayer session with the children repeating Saraswathi and Hayagreevar slokas and also prayer Nama. Prasad was distributed. Around 35 parents and children felt rejuvenated and confident after the session.

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