Special Diwali Celebrations by Pearland Gopakuteeram kids

Pearland Gopa Kuteeram celebrated Deepavali with all the children dressing up in their festive new clothes on Saturday,November 14th 2015 at Namadwaar. They had a fun time discussing the significance of Deepavali and listening to the Krishna-Narakasura story.

Then they worked on Diwali craft by painting little clay Diyas with bright colors and designs.

Next they all headed inside Namadwaar and chanted the Mahamantra with gusto and cut a special Deepavali cake. Then it was sparklers time. They went outside and had a lot of fun sharing their sparklers and playing with them.

Finally the fun session ended with everyone sharing the cake, and also sweets and savories that the children had brought with them.

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